Tired of trying to make your site faster?

Allow ShortPixel specialists to find the solution for you.

What do I get?

1-1 with a specialist

You get in touch with a ShortPixel Speed Optimization Specialist!

He will personally inspect your website and create for you 3 actionable reports where you will find the solution for your website speed issues.

1. Website Report
2. Plugins Report
3. Database Report

3 how-to reports

and a specialist to ask

  1. Website Report
    (we check ~25 aspects: images, theme, hosting, cache, CSS and JavaScript, external resources, and much more)
  2. Plugins Report
    (we review all the installed plugins and advice you how to handle them)
  3. Database Report
    (we check the database and advice how to clean it up and optimize it)

In the reports you can find which are the issues and how can be solved.

You can either choose to implement all the recommendations yourself
or you can save time and risks by letting the specialists do the optimisation for an extra cost.

Results from clients who implemented the changes recommended in their WSO Assessments


I only recently started working with the ShortPixel team, but they have become an invaluable resource for me and my site. Not only have they assisted with image compression and site speed items, but this past weekend my site went down and they jumped in to assist me immediately - over the weekend. Working with the ShortPixel team (Gerard & Andrei are amazing!) has been one of the BEST decisions I have made for my business. I cannot say enough good things about their work and team!


I use GTMetrix from time to time but implementing their Reports would be for me to complicated. Although ShortPixel provided me their report together with the how to for implementation I had no time to do it myseld. So I went to STEP3 and let them do it for me. It was the best decision. I definitely recommend them.

Jason Lee Bruns

Shortpixel provided an excellent service in speeding up our website. The whole process was very quick, easy and professional which is exactly what I’m looking for and all for a very reasonable price.The speed up work caused a slight glitch on the site, the team looked into it for me and the issue was fixed in no time.Great work guys! Looking forward to working with you again


Very happy with the shortpixel site speed analysis that we received. The report was easy to understand and implement. As a result we made some good improvements on several metrics. The team at shortpixel were very easy to work with. Thanks, great job!


Get the full assessment for your site and find out how to make it faster

One of our specialists will check your site and create 3 actionable reports for you. 


WSO Assessment

1. Website Actionable Report
2. Plugins Actionable Report
3. Database Actionable Report

Here is what we check

There are 6 areas of analysis we do for WordPress websites. Here's the list of what our specialists will check for your site.

Are all your images optimized? Moreover, are they properly optimized while using the right tool? Do you use a Content Delivery Network to minimize load times and for caching?

Not all the default code that WordPress comes with is adequate for all websites. Overtime, a lot of new code is added to your site. We know how to find every piece of code that’s not needed, so your site loads as fast as it should.

Databases get cluttered over time, and before you know it, the site becomes slower and less efficient. We’ll check your database and see what needs to be done for your database to be optimized.

The hosting is the element that mostly affects the speed of your website. We’ll evaluate your hosting plan, server and CDN, so you get expert advice on how to strengthen the site’s infrastructure.

There is plenty of plugins available with WordPress, but not all of them function flawlessly. We’ll inspect your plugins along with other WordPress components and let you know which ones to keep, replace or discard.

We will find out if you can optimize your resources delivery and reduce the total page size. In addition, we will check and let you know all the external resources that can be optimized.

Can ShortPixel do the optimization for me?

Did you order the WSO Assessment?
Do you have now the 3 Reports?
Do you have time for the implementation?
Do you feel confident to implement all the tasks from the assessment?

It's time to get a quote for your website optimization.

Reply to the specialist who did the assessment and they will make a tailored offer for your website optimization

Moneyback Guarantee 

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.
For the WSO Assessment, if you don’t find it helpful to improve your site speed, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

The team

“Each time we optimize and deliver a website graded "A" on GTmetrix, we get the proof that our work was worth the time and effort.”

Head of Growth at ShortPixel

“To be a WP specialist means for me to stay in touch with technology, practice, and surround myself with well-prepared team members.” 

Support Team Manager at ShortPixel

About ShortPixel & WSO

ShortPixel's Image Optimization technology is used on 1M+ WordPress sites; website speed is nowadays a business-critical component.
We, the ShortPixel team, have a vast experience in WordPress image optimization, a key element in site speed.
As a consequence, we launched WordPress Speed Optimization (WSO) to offer support for our clients' site speed challenges.

Our clients


What is the difference between GTmetrix and the WSO Assessments?

We are a team of specialists assessing your site. We are here to answer your questions and advise you on how to solve the issues we find.

GTmetrix is a tool that outputs an automated report without telling you how to understand and fix the issues it finds.

We can even do the optimization for you for an extra cost, saving you time and avoiding any risks.

What exactly is the WSO Assessment (containing the 3 Reports)?

After you decide to get the WSO Assessment, our technical specialists will get in touch with you and have a thorough check of your site. We will go through all of the areas of analysis specified on the purchase page: plugins and theme, hosting, page code, database, internal and external assets, and image optimization status. All the information will be gathered in 3 documents where you will have detailed lists with explanations of what can be done to remediate each issue.

1. Website Report
2. Plugins Report
3. Database Report

Statistically speaking, most of the people who got the WSO Assessment felt confident to implement by themselves our recommendations and made their site faster. However, some of them decided to ask us to implement the recommendations for them, with excellent results as well!

Can I see a sample of the reports from the WSO Assessment?

Here you can download the first few pages from the reports so that you can have an idea about how they look like:

1. Website Assessment 
2. Plugins Assessment
3. Database Assessment

If I want my money back, what do I need to do?

If you don’t find our assessment helpful to improve your site speed, just send us an e-mail at wso@shortpixel.com and we will send you a prompt refund for the WSO Assessment.

I bought the WSO Assessment, but I want you to implement it. How much does the implementation cost?

The amount of work varies from site to site. The price will be calculated in accordance with the WSO Assessment, so we cannot tell you in advance this price. However, as soon as the WSO Assessment is done, we can make you an offer for your website speed optimization. As you would have already paid for the WSO Assessment, we will offer you a $69 discount.

After I get the WSO Assessment report, can I do just a part of the tasks and ask you to do the rest?

Sure, you should do only those tasks, from the WSO Assessment Reports, which you feel comfortable with. After this, you can just let us know which tasks you want us to do for you, and we will be happy to help for an extra charge.

Will my site be ranked A in GTmetrix after the optimization?

Our goal is to make your WordPress website load faster. As ShortPixel explains here, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights and others check a lot of aspects, and part of them are unrelated to your loading speed. Therefore it is normal to see websites loading extremely fast but getting a bad score.

Having said that, and even though you may not see a 10/10 score after the optimization, GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights and others will report a speed improvement after the WSO Optimization.

What do you need to start the WSO Assessment?

We will require admin access to your WordPress website and we will ask you a few additional questions about it.

Don't worry, after the payment you will get an e-mail with further instructions.

How long will it take you to do the Assessment and/or Optimization?

That depends on the website itself. Some websites require more hours of work than others.

We will let you know by e-mail in how much time you can expect the results, after we have all the necessary information.

Get the full assessment for your site and find out how to make it faster

One of our specialists will check your site and create 3 actionable reports for you. 


WSO Assessment

1. Website Report
2. Plugins Report
3. Database report

Schedule a free call with Andrei Tudose, Head of Growth at ShortPixel, and find out if the WSO Assessment is right for you.